Securities & Legal Consultant

27 Years of Experience

Main Area of Focus

US Securities

Many large corporations have reached out to Andy for help with multiple different types of security transactions. He is able to help any business navigate all the rapidly changing regulations and business environment within the equity and credit markets, whether it is a recent startup or a well-established corporation. 

Other Areas of Focus

US Securities

Public common stock offerings
(IPOs), Regulation A+, S1, F1, regulation D, SPACS and follow-on offerings.
Public debt offerings.
Shelf registrations.
Public merger transactions.
Exchange offers.
Private placements with resale registration statements (PIPE transactions).
Rule 144A offerings.
Angel financings and later round venture capital financing.
Retail and institutional private placement transactions.
Direct public offerings.
Direct exchange listings.

International Disputes Strategic Advisors

International disputes are often complex, with multiple applicable laws, different languages and factual twists and turns influenced by cultural differences. We look for strategic opportunity in these complexities. As a testament to our ability, our lawyers are often engaged to save a case that appears to have already been “lost.” Our clients also look to us to solve their most serious disputes.

International commercial arbitration provides parties from different legal, national and cultural backgrounds with neutral ground, flexible procedures and independent decision makers to solve their disagreements, often confidentially. When “fast track” procedures are used, a final and internationally enforceable decision can be obtained in months.

Not licensed in the state of California, licensed to practice law in Egypt and reciprocal jurisdictions.